OBX Beach Fence #10339

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The Story

This beach landscape with sand dunes scenery is a good example of the miles of very beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches in the Outer Banks. People are naturally drawn to an ocean beach. With this picture, it doesn’t take much to feel and smell a warm salt air breeze while hearing the surf rolling in.

For the Outer Banks communities, like here near Nags Head, North Carolina, it’s a matter of great civic pride to keep their beaches very well maintained. There are miles of erosion control slat fences and the beaches in the Outer Banks tourist towns are usually raked and groomed every night through the tourist season.

This beach landscape is a very unusual picture being that it is a sunset shot of the Atlantic Ocean taken on the east coast…and just how is it unusual, you ask? The sun is setting in the west behind the camera position that is looking east out over the Atlantic Ocean. I enjoy how the sunset’s natural yellow light gives the sand dunes and fence a deeper glow, and how that light skims across the foreground ripples and footsteps in the sand.

Location: the Outer Banks near Nags Head, North Carolina. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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