Old Log Church #09106

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The Story

A rare landmark from the early days of this country in the colonial era, this two-story log church sits outside of scenic Schellsburg PA. It dates from 1806 when Thomas Jefferson was President which is quite a way back in my thinking. The churchyard cemetery is full of local people from the early days to the present, including a Confederate soldier buried under two names.

The early churchyard burials here date back to the mid and early 1700s, which means those people experienced the Revolutionary War. As usual, the earliest burials are closest to the church as seen here. Many of those headstones are made of local slate.

The town of Schellburg is a small affair but it has survived for two centuries, which is remarkable. Many of the still existing structures in this small town are made of log or locally made brick from long ago.

If the caretaker is there cutting grass in the summer, you can go inside this old log church. There you will find the original straight-back wooden pews and in my opinion, it would be impossible to fall asleep while sitting in one! There is also an elevated pulpit for the preacher, reached by a short set of steps. All of the interior is original as far as I know.

Although it can’t be seen in this picture, there is also a tall iron hand pump just outside the church for watering your horse! Yes, it still works but the water it brings up is heavy with sulfur and undrinkable.

The world has clearly changed since 1806, but certainly not here at this old log church…everything is as it was from the time of Thomas Jefferson and the Lewis and Clark expedition, which is rather remarkable.

Location: Schellsburg PA, Bedford County. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks


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