Old Railroaders Never Die #15039

Matted, canvas, & super high gloss prints available. Questions?


The Story

Pappy McCall is putting in another day at work on the Great Divide & Nevermore Railroad. Most skeletons don’t have to work after retiring to Afterlife, but Pappy always loved working as a brakeman for the railroad in The Time Before. He’s simply sticking with what he knows and still enjoys it.

Besides, someone has to keep things moving. Otherwise, it would all come to a dead stop.

It’s dirty work with long hours, but somehow this spook knows how to keep his bones clean. They do rattle a little when the train gets going, though. There’s a little wear and tear from a life in motion working the freight trains, but everything seems to be holding together pretty well.

Location: switching cars in the yard at the ghost town of Great Divide, Pennsylvania, soon to leave on the 4:20 to Nevermore by way of the town of Afterlife.

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