Pasture Pickup #09365

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The Story

Under an overcast barnyard sky, a few Amish red mules play football in winter snow in a game of pasture pickup. In this barnyard, looks like it’s the Denver Donkeys on their own 20-yard line, first and ten! No fenceposts in the way to stop a long drive ahead, either!

Doesn’t look like one football playing mule is much interested at all. Two others are more interested in the camera. So much for this version of team sports.

No wonder, I shot this picture off the cuff using a telephoto while twisted ninety degrees in the seat of my truck, engine idling and foot on the brake. Two quick shots and I was gone down the road in true hit-and-run photography. I doubt if many ever stop here to look things over, so I was clearly the object of curiosity as seen by the upraised mule ears and some blank mule stares.

Yes, I know the diff between horses and mules. So how did these Amish mules get mixed in with horses on this website?

Well, why not?

Location: deep in the Pennsylvania farmland of Amish Country. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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