Pasture Pickup #09365

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The Story

Under an overcast barnyard sky, a few Amish red mules play football in winter snow in a game of pasture pickup. In this barnyard, looks like it’s the Denver Donkeys on their own 20-yard line, first and ten! No fenceposts in the way to stop a long drive ahead, either!

Doesn’t look like one football-playing mule is much interested at all. Two others are more interested in the camera. So much for this version of team sports.

No wonder, I shot this picture off the cuff while sitting in the middle of the main road. I was using a telephoto while twisted ninety degrees in the seat of my truck, engine idling and foot on the brake. Two quick shots and I was gone down the road in true hit-and-run photography. I doubt if many ever stop there to look things over, so I was clearly the object of curiosity as seen by the upraised mule ears and some blank mule stares.

Yes,  M R mules. I know the diff between horses and mules. So how did these Amish mules get mixed in with horses on this website? Close enough…why not?

Location: deep in the Pennsylvania farmland of Amish Country. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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