Persistence #14849

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The Story

The golden leaves of young Norway maples are still hanging after a November snowfall. No one likes a quitter and these aren’t about to give up anytime soon. But scattered across the snow are fallen leaves dropped from above and as is nature’s way, the other leaves will soon follow as they always do.

This November snow was just eight inches, but it had a little rain come on top which froze into a hard crust overnight. That made for some tough walking falling through the crust with each step. Nevertheless, I slowly made my way down a little bit of the rail-trail , crunching along until getting to this interesting splash of yellow and green. The Juniata River can be seen running behind; this fence leads to a bridge over the river.

It was a bit of work to get down and back to this fence while carrying fifteen pounds or so of camera gear and a tripod, but worth it to capture some winter beauty. Pictures like this are why I never mind the work.

Location: along the Lower Trail at Mt Enta, Blair County, Pennsylvania.

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