Planely Unusual #14945

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The Story

This place isn’t a typical airplane junkyard because the planes are mixed in with other metal scrap of all kinds and sizes out through the woods. As you can see, there’s an old rusty crane and some kind of military wagon covered in pipes in the foreground. That kind of clutter chaos continues throughout the densely packed thirteen acres of the place, which is nominally in business as a scrap metal yard.

But it appears this junkyard is mainly a collection of sorts, things the owner likes to keep like this military cargo plane. Many things there have been there for quite a while which goes against the general business idea of gathering scrap to resell. There didn’t appear to be a lot of turnovers with things going in and out. This junkyard was essentially a big collection of stuff and a cool one at that.

There are mostly only footpaths through the stacked-up metal scrap with an occasional plane, helicopter, or even a jet plane in the mix. It’s evident in this photograph called Double Parked #14861. That crazy randomness certainly makes it fun for a photographer. In this part-time airplane junkyard, you never know what you’ll find, and you can be sure it won’t be found anywhere else!

Being rather large, this old military cargo plane came from a nearby base and had to be cut up to be hauled into this final resting place. The fuselage is laid up high across other cut up airplane bodies and the engines were placed up there too. One engine with bent over propellers wouldn’t fit, so it lies in front. Here’s another view of this airplane graveyard scene with the wry title of Some Assembly Required #14585.

Location: near Atco, Camden County, New Jersey. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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