Posey Hauler #13273

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The Story

Here’s an old Ford rum-runner truck in faded red with a powerful V8 under those rusty hood pans, and you can bet they creak when they’re opened. This truck is a Model AA from 1932, a heavy duty hauler back in the day with that big motor and dual wheels in the back. I can easily imagine the feel of the steering wheel, the turning transmission gears transmitted to my hand through the shifter, and a nice stiff seat under me.

I call these old vehicles “soul wagons” and it’s easy to see why…what else on the road has this much character? This is part rat-rod and part history lesson.  If this were mine, it would be a daily driver in good weather. If it ran, that is.

After hauling many kinds of paying loads through the years, legal or otherwise, this is the last stop. These days, it’s doing light duty serving as a stand to sell flowers at a knick-knack shop. The shop itself was a converted old-time gas station, too. I’m wondering if this truck ever filled up there back in the day?

Location: an old garage and gas station in Ludington, Mason County, Michigan.

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