Power Nap #15323

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The Story

Out in the parking lot sunshine behind the Highway to Hell Cafe in the town of Afterlife, this snoozing skeleton takes a power nap in the trunk of a 1960 Chevy Biscayne. And probably not a very comfortable catnap at that, either.

It’s not often one can find a skeleton taking a power nap in broad daylight. In fact, it’s so extremely rare that being hit by lightning twice happens more often. Even a payout in gold by the leprechauns is less rare than the sight of a skeleton spook snoozing in broad daylight.

Folklore has it the easiest time to find a spook napping is the day after a full moon when they’ve been up all night long doing spook stuff in prime time under good moonlight. But I wouldn’t be too sure.

So, where do the skeleton spooks go during the day? If no mortals are around, they’ll be out. Otherwise, they simply flatten and roll into the dark shadows to hide for a while and they can’t be seen at all edge-on. They have a dimension of two and never three. It looks like this one certainly forgot to hide away!

Typically, you can walk entirely through the Town of Afterlife without knowing it at all. It looks like any other abandoned and overgrown place…the roads are rough, the woods are tall, and the buildings are barely there if at all. It would be very rare to see a daylight spook despite lots of them being around!

If you are unafraid and do someday discover a skeleton taking a power nap, there is a reward: you can talk to anyone you like who exists in The After for just one hour. Anyone from Abe Lincoln to Tarzan, or Napoleon to Nefertitti, you name it!

After a little thinking, a reader might wonder how all these skeleton spook pictures were created if they are so elusive and hard to find. Might it be that it takes one to know one? Just saying…

Location: outside the Highway to Hell Cafe in the Town of Afterlife.

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