Precision #09568

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The Story

This quiet and calming morning space in the country is a tree-lined farm lane that draws you strongly into a vanishing perspective at the end. The regularly aligned trees are tall and full, obviously planted a while ago. Someone wanted to stay out of the mud on the cheap, so two cement lines for vehicle tires to ride on were laid. The rest could go to grass.

All those strong leading lines lead to the back, and to what? Being a private lane, I couldn’t go further to find out. All I could do was photograph the entrance from the narrow two-lane country road because I won’t trespass.

Farm fields lie on either side of the farm lane, one fallow and one open dirt with an oncoming crop in the ground. The land is in use, but there were no buildings to see, only flat open fields.

Besides, I knew the Wallkill River was behind that treeline in the far distance. Perhaps what was once there had burned down? Nowadays, was this a road to nowhere? It was a mystery and still is. Apparently, whatever this fancy farm lane had led to was now gone and vanished.

Nevertheless, on this morning, this view in the rural quiet was calming and centering, certainly a pleasant and tranquil place to be.

Location: the scenic rural countryside outside New Paltz, Ulster County, New York. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks