Punkin’ Picker #15230

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The Story

Freshly gathered from his pumpkin patch, this naked gardener and skeleton spook proudly shows off what his green thumb and hard work have produced. Although naked gardening is a fad in most places, everyone does it here in the Town of Afterlife! Clothes are optional for those who live there and no one really minds the breezes that blow—blowing straight through either hot or cold, as it were.

It’s almost Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve according to the old folks, so you’d best get your holiday pumpkin ready for carving now. Incidentally, naked punkin’ carving is allowed in town too.

As you’ve surely heard, it’s always best to buy locally. This Halloween spook gardener is about ready to put up a punkins-for-sale sign to bring in the customers driving by. Soon all these pumpkins will be set on porches all across Afterlife and lit up at night in toothy grins just like their owners. Nothing like big smiles all around even in the dark, is there?

As many of them do, this skeleton spook gardener will often grow more than pumpkins in their patches. Just ask him what’s in that pipe he often smokes; it’s probably some highly aromatic weed-like part of Mother Nature, I’m sure. On second thought, perhaps you shouldn’t ask what’s in the pipe. Whatever it is, it surely isn’t for legal sale at a roadside pumpkin stand unless it’s in rural northern California.

Goodness, Halloween! That’s bigger than Christmas around the Town of Afterlife! If there’s one thing any skeleton or spook looks forward to all year, it has to be the biggest one of the year: a Happy Halloween.

Location: a small farm and produce patch just outside the Town of Afterlife. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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