Quarterhorse Running in Snow #12372

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The Story

A big quarter horse dashes down the fence line in deep snow, trailing snow smoke behind as he runs. Skippy, like most other horses, loves new snow as many people do. After being inside the barn as the heavy snow fell through the day before, that morning he was eager to get out and play. As soon as the lead line was taken off, the horse took off running around the edge of the paddock, right at the fence wire.

Skippy is a very big and physical quarter horse, enough to make me think he was partly draft horse. But his owner, a long time horse person who should know, assured me he isn’t. Aside from good looks, his imposing size belies a very gentle and forgiving nature. Anyone could easily ride him and I actually did one summer evening. In fact, he is a first-class lesson horse that taught many a young rider over the years just how it’s done.

Skippy is on his second lap around the new snow in this picture. I waited in one spot clicking off shots with each turn he made facing into the bright sunlight, using the winter woods for a good background. Nearly always, the best shot is always the best light with the best background. Each pass was limited to only a short running distance to have that good shooting set up. That’s just the way it is. When it comes to making pictures of horses in motion, plan it if you can, and be ready.

If you enjoy seeing horses in the snow with many of them in motion, there are plenty of them on this website. No wonder, such things beautiful and fascinating are some of my favorite things to photograph…and I love horses. Go to Winter Snow Horses Gallery 1 and Winter Snow Horses Gallery 2 to have a look around. As always, many thanks to friends Cindy and Carol for the horses, the place to do it, and their time.

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Location: Willow Hill, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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