Rainbow Falls #13207

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The Story

The picture of this waterfall in the Pennsylvania mountains was taken during a light autumn rain to have the golden colors saturate more. Naturally, a waterfall picture looks better with more water flowing in the stream too. This type of waterfall is known as a wedding cake falls because of the many even level layers.

By looking closely, you will find a set of stone steps coming out of the pooling water at the bottom. Those steps lead to a faint woods trail that can be seen going up the mountain. Nearby is also a large balanced rock and a long rope swinging bridge, both on the same trail as these falls. Further, in this park are some unusual ice caves that are frozen underground even in summer.

Set A Spell #13288 is another picture from the location taken looking the opposite way from the top of the waterfall, and it’s quite scenic as well.

Location: Rainbow Falls in Trough Creek Park, near James Creek, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

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