Rebirth #10678

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The Story

On a farm, an old barn and farm sheds can often be a collection of things both inside and out, all of which will tell a lot about who lives there on the farm. Things and stuff just naturally accumulate there as the years go by creating a real hodge podge. It’s an open book with tales to tell. And it is also a bit like a museum; a collection of barn stuff can cover decades of time. In many cases, even generations of a family.

And as it piles up over time, a heap of rustic Americana in many different flavors is created. Barn stuff is very likely junk to most people, but farmers don’t usually waste anything that could be needed. You never know what could be there, and sometimes there is a classic barn find relating to old cars and trucks you sometimes hear about.

At this barn, against the graying rough-sawn barn siding are old wagon wheels and yokes from horse-drawn days, a birdhouse jug, and a lot of elk antlers brought back from many hunts out West by the farmer. There’s also the feminine touch with red geraniums growing in a worn galvanized bucket, and you might want to know how warm it isn’t in the middle of winter.

Overall, this is quite a unique and eclectic hodge podge that only time can accumulate around an old barn. And it’s only possible with varied interests in life as well.

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Location: Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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