Red Halter Panorama #14935

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The Story

This horse art is a very minimalist photo done in February snow with a foggy background. This solitary mare wearing her new red halter was grazing her way through four inches of snow, pawing it away as she went. Unfazed, she paid me no mind at all and kept going along slowly. It was very early in the morning and the fog was heavy and thick. Wet, too. Everything had a thin coat of ice covering it, the fence wires, trees, and the snow itself. I crunched over to the fence to set up the tripod, made sure the film was wound, and got ready to make a horse picture.

The day before, I had a bad case of cabin fever and vowed to get out of the house the very next morning. I tossed the camera in the truck and left about 7:30 with no destination in mind, just get out and ramble. Ten miles later, there was the horse, a single black mare wearing a brand new red halter. It’s the only color in the shot which was done on color slide film in the pre-digital days.

The fickle Photo Gypsy decide to ride along that day, so my horse photo shooting luck was doubled: not only a black horse in white snow but the cold, icy fog took out the entire farming valley background behind leaving only the ghost of a fence line and a tree. The rest went to pure white. As a result, that big negative space simply brings all the attention to the black horse enjoying her cold breakfast. I still go by this spot often and have never seen it the same again.

While creating horse art as part of creating plenty of horse pictures for all kinds of publishing purposes or simple enjoyment, this panorama has remained a favorite in the booth at outdoor art shows. As minimalist art, this one always pulls attention with its plain, strong statement with an added bit of wonder and only a dash of color from a piece of new horse tack. It makes a great decorating neutral and blends anywhere.

More Horse Art In Snow

This particular piece of horse art is available as a 12×36 or 20×60 panorama for home or office decor, but I also trimmed the panorama to fit into regular sizes for those who don’t want something that long. You can find those sizes with Red Halter #5923…same title, different stock number, different sizes.

Have a look at Freedom #12388 for a dynamic horse image of a white stallion making the snow fly as he runs…and Allegra #14370 is another worth seeing, it’s the stallion’s daughter having a blast running through 28″ of powder snow!

Location: near Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Panorama photo and text © Andrew Dierks.

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