Red Queen #14841

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The Story

In this lay of Pennsylvania fall foliage, this single red maple tree with red leaves is a standout across this Fall landscape. There are plenty of other colorful trees around this lake and mountain scene with their own beauty. But this one in vibrant red can be easily seen from a long way off, even from a distance across the lake. It’s the first one to notice; the most brilliant tree to see.

This red maple tree stands by itself along a park lake overlooking a half-moon curve of white sand beach. Above, a blue sky crisscrossed by fair-weather lines reflects in the lake water as gunmetal blue. The view makes you want to sit quietly at one of the picnic tables and simply take in what nature is offering on this beautiful day.

As a showcase event in nature, Autumn is a see-and-be-seen event out here in the countryside. Pennsylvania fall foliage is often great anytime near water, especially around lakes and ponds. The visual drama can be high and depends upon the light that day and how the Fall season has unfolded. As always, this scene is different from year to year as Mother Nature changes her painting brushes and palette.

Another nearby red maple tree with a companion sugar maple in yellow can also be seen here as Side By Side #15046. For an interesting close-up still life of unusual red sugar maple leaves on gray stones, have a look at Three Fallen #14336.

Location: near Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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