Red Roof Ridge #14376

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The Story

On a clear day after a snowstorm had gone over, these red roof barns sit in the bright sunny snow of pure white. Behind the farm buildings, a mountain of blue arcing ridges lies covered in bare winter trees. Those wooded mountains march down the scenic valley landscape from here, with mostly farms and fields running to their edge.

Winter in the country can certainly be beautiful on a calm day after a storm, especially so knowing the mud of March is soon to arrive. And there’s nothing like a scenic landscape under winter snow, particularly with a well-kept farm in the view.

Those red roofs barns have new roofs, and also new is the white paint on two of the buildings. Awaiting renewal, a third farm building shows a more worn appearance. New red metal fencing lines the barnyard. Someone is trying to keep their place up and succeeding!

Location: rural Blair County, Pennsylvania.

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