Rendezvous #14987

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The Story

In this tranquil river view, a  curving tree trunk overhangs the small placid Little Juniata River. As you can see, the bank soil here is loose, made of smooth stones and gravel yet very little dirt. It’s no wonder many of the nearby trees lean out over the water from the undercutting.

The isn’t much width to the Little Juniata River, but it’s enough to let in a band of sunlight down the middle. Looking upstream, the sunlight coming in from above and the riverbank foliage makes the leading lines a perfect triangle with the gravel underfoot.

A tranquil river view such as this is enhanced by creating it in black and white infrared. Artistically, that format really brings out the enjoyable differences between light and dark and all the shapes, particularly in the river stones of any stream.

Over time, I went down as many fisherman paths I could find along the length of the 32 miles of the Little Juniata, looking for hidden beauty and calming views along its banks. The collection of pictures were mainly created in infrared black and white. And in that time of low late-summer water, the additional exposed rocks and banks made things a lot more interesting. There was indeed a lot of seldom-seen natural beauty hidden along the river banks, and for me, a personal rendezvous with that out-of-the-way world.

For some more river view beauty in another black and white picture, have a look at Hold Your Ground #14984. That river island is on the larger Juniata River which the Litte Juniata empties into further down from this point.

Location: Bellwood, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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