Reverend Sunday Rides Again #15041

Matted, canvas, & high gloss metal prints available. Questions?



The Story

While smoking a Crypto-Nite cigar, Reverend Sunday stops by on his bike to visit. It’s the honorable reverend himself, or what’s left of him. Oddly enough, he can still find his way around without too much to work with. Must be one of the special powers of spooks.

This skeleton preacher has a concerned question about your church attendance and the condition of your soul. The REPENT sign is a not-so-subtle call to wear out the knees on your pants. If a skeleton preacher can’t get you there, then nothing will!

Pedaling a bike down the streets of Afterlife, there’s nothing like a little church public relations to scare the be-jeebers out of everyone. See you on Sunday with Reverend Sunday…or else!

So, smile and enjoy a cigar while ‘yer at it, a quality hand-rolled Old Crypto-Nite. Guaranteed to burn forever.

Location: Along Main Street in Afterlife, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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