Right To Remain Silent #14582

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The Story

This old piano sits by itself in the living room of a vacant house in a ghost town, and not even the playful spooks will play it anymore. The front door was hanging wide open to the weathering breezes and some windows were broken out; the house sits empty but for this heavy wooden piano which was probably just too heavy to be taken away by the movers on the last day this place was occupied. I think it will be in that living room until both it and the house eventually return to nature together step-by-step down the road to ruin; it is a waiting room of stasis where only time and decay can work. Vacant, yes, empty of things for the ghost town visitor, but full of the tissue-thin memories of many who have lived there that we can barely read in the present. Most of the paint on the walls was peeling away in long hanging strips and the carpet smelled like a dump in the rain. All that could be heard were the summer birds in the trees outside and an occasional car going past on the main road far away. The crackled and bubbled varnish hide of the piano contrasted against the dusty dirtiness of the floor. Papers were scattered around the house with some of them being sheet music, so I picked up an open songbook and put it in the rightful place paired with the piano. It just happened to be open to a song by Jobim, Meditation, which seems fitting for this image. I set up the tripod facing this old brown hulk and fiddled the camera till things looked pretty right, and took this shot using the light coming in through the broken windows.

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