Roaring Spring Station #15265

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The Story

The Everett Railroad’s steam train comes into Roaring Spring station putting black smoke into the autumn air above. To complete a scene from bygone days of railroading, people dressed as 1950s passenger reenactors are waiting on the platform with suitcases and bags.

The old brick PRR station has been restored and even has a metal baggage cart left over from its heyday. The classic railroad architecture has been saved with a high extended platform roof with semi-fancy supports. The metal sign for Roaring Spring station is a replica of what the Pennsy used, large, bright, and easy to read.

It’s not hard to imagine this as a Fall day in 1955 at the end of the era of steam trains. In reality, most of them had been replaced by the railroads with diesel locomotives at that point. Nevertheless, let the facts go and have your imagination fill in, just for fun.

I’m glad a few steam trains have been restored to running today to experience what once was. It’s great to smell the smoke, hear the clanking drive rods working, and listen to the chuffing and hiss of steam. The very sharp and very loud steam whistles are something too. History can be fun if you can stand right with it!

I spent the entire day with a group of photographers to shoot this old steam train in action in many locations along the short 23 miles of the Everett Railroad shortline. You can see what that day brought in the interesting Everett Railroad Gallery including some night photography in the station.

Location: near Roaring Spring, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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