Roxie’s Place #13974

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The Story

This retired Sinclair gas pump is alive and well on this rural Pennsylvania farm, even though Dino has some red rust around the edges mixed with the classic green. In the same way, it goes with the rustic flaking white paint of the shed and the antique price of 30 cents a gallon on the gas pump face, too. This was a very interesting find next to a shed along a country two-lane blacktop, and it shares space with the homegrown and nearly as worn taxidermy sign. Roxie’s place is right nearby, down the lane. These two roadside sights aren’t often found side by side in the rural American outback. Therefore, here we have two perfect pieces of Podunk, Pennsylvania, paired together as a true singularity in rural America.

I stopped at the farmhouse to ask to photograph before going on the property. Interestingly, the friendly farmer said it would still run with the flick of a switch, but there’s no fuel in the underground tank these days. The farmer is pretty much retired and the same vintage as the pump. Years ago, he bought this Sinclair gas pump from a gas station being remodeled. It had the white glass globe on top at the time, but it was broken by ice sliding off the shed roof the first winter it came to live on the farm.

Take a side trip from here to Octane Alley #10226 to see an old Atlantic gas pump in red in the winter snow.

The Sinclair Gasoline company is still alive and well at over 100 years old. Most stations are in the midwest and far west with a scattering of them along the east coast around New York City. There’s more information about Big Green here:

Location: rural Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story ©Andrew N Dierks

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