Running Partners #14383

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The Story

Horses are just like people and most of them love to play in new snow just as we do. These two had a great time running and chasing one another through the 20” of fresh powder. It’s a boyfriend/girlfriend barn pair that like to spend their pasture time together anyway, and that closeness seemed to heighten their fun.

There was a lot of friendly competition between these quarterhorses to outrun the other and cut each other off in the turns. It was all about having big fun in the snow for these two! We did a number of run-bys and created a lot of images with this pair, but the ones that came out the best were with the snow-covered woods background that bordered one side of the small paddock.

The sunlight came straight along that wood line and into their faces as they headed into the corner. They lit up well, their coat color glowed, and the sun made the catchlights glow in their eyes as the powder snow looked like fine white smoke rising behind them.

Location: Willow Hill, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

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