Set A Spell #13288

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The Story

A waterfall spills over the edge, into the basin below, then under the bridge into the main flow at Trough Creek. If water has to entertain itself, then Mother Nature provides this wonderful and peaceful deep woods place for her laughing water-child to run and play. Standing at the top of the waterfall in this view, you can watch her run and hear the laughter.

There’s a peaceful place for you here in this calming scenery. See the bench on the right by the bridge, along the path through the woods? It welcomes you to set a spell, as they say. As always, to hear the water and watch it fall is something to calm nearly any soul. Sometimes the journey to inner peace might actually mean having a seat.

This is Rainbow Falls in Trough Creek State Park, which is part of the Raystown Dam complex in central Pennsylvania. It’s a narrow and very scenic gorge with hemlock and hardwood trees, cliffs, and a narrow winding road. The park is secluded and tucked away in quiet, deep woods and very enjoyable.

Down the trail that leads here, there is a swinging bridge made of boards and wire rope to cross the deep gorge made by Trough Creek. Further up the trail, there is a very large balanced rock poised above the gorge that defies gravity. Another very faint trial breaks upward into the deep woods near here, leading up across the steep mountain behind this view.

From another angle, if you turned around in this perch atop this waterfall, you would see Rainbow Falls #13207 in scenic Fall glory, covered in golden leaves.

Find more information about Trough Creek State Park from the Pennsylvania DCNR website.

Location: Rainbow Falls at Trough Creek State Park, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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