Side By Side #15046

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The Story

In vibrant Fall colors of red and yellow, two maple trees stand side by side in the morning sunlight. They’re very close cousins about the same age. The bright yellow is a sugar maple and the strong fiery red is a red maple.

Throughout the hardwood forest, maple trees have the most colorful and flamboyant foliage for putting on a show in the Fall. Maple trees have such intensity and variety no other tree can match, and Autumn wouldn’t be the same without them adding their visual spice. Every year in most places they’re clearly the stars of nature’s Autumn show.

In addition to the strong and pure red and yellow shown here, I’ve also seen maple foliage in the stunning and rare orange fused with pink. Occasionally, pink will sometimes show in yellow maple leaves too. It’s always stunning in the sunlight whenever it blends in.

There are a few favorite trees I enjoy watching every Fall season and no maple is the same from year to year. They change, which of course only adds to their brilliant variety. As always, nothing can make wonderful colors like Mother Nature in her forests.

Location: Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania.

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