Sidetracked #14112

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The Story

This is a shortened single frame view of the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 electric locomotive panorama Sidetracked #14068. This image shares the same title, but a different stock number of #14112. I created this version to allow people to own it in the usual print sizes, not just in the panoramic form only. Yes, it’s the same take but cropped down a bit. This view is a little closer in if you’d like more detail too.

I always like to tell the tale behind my work. To read the full story of the experience of being there in the bitter cold photographing this great GG1 electric locomotive from the 1940s in winter snow, follow the above link over to the panorama version #14068. There’s even a small PRR GG1 railroading history on that page and links to more about these iconic Pennsylvania Railroad locomotives. Thanks ~Andy

Location: Cooperstown Junction, Ostego County, New York. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks.


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