Sight to the Blind #14307

Matted, canvas, & high gloss metal prints available. Questions?



The Story

This broken window is falling to pieces over time through lack of paint and exposure to the weather. It is set into one of the buildings of an abandoned farm that lies a half mile walk-in off the hard road, back out through some old woods with high, tall trees. I was the only human to visit for probably quite a while too. It was just myself, raccoons, old crows, and the other woods critters who were out there. The window sash joints of finely grained wood eventually weathered and gave way, letting the panes of glass simply slide out one by one. I found them shattered on the ground below. Both wooden sashes are sure to follow to cap the pile of glass shards, all of it destroyed by Mother Nature and not the hand of man. The old is fading away as shown by the window and weathered siding, but the new is on the rise and bearing fruit! That’s a thorny raspberry vine making a green slash across the picture, and it also stands as a mark of reclamation made by Mother Nature.

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