Snow Runner #14368

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The Story

Horses in new snow are the equine equivalent of a kid with a new sled on a snow day off from school…they simply love to rip in it!

This exuberant four-year-old Arabian stallion was truly enjoying himself making the 28 inches of powder snow fly into white smoke. He further enjoyed himself by buzzing me at full speed less than a yard away with each round-and-round pass he made in the small paddock. He was just out to have some fun and never knocked me over, but those close passes can be a little unsettling even for those who know horses.

He was a lively bay horse with black hooves slashing the deep snow in bright sunlight. He clearly loved being out in it and showing off. And along with him, I was having quite a good time myself as the photographer!

Location: Willow Hill, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

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