Snow White On Blue #14881

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The Story

Here are some ice-covered trees in shimmering white against a very even and full blue sky, a gift from a freezing overnight rain.

The landscape in winter can change dramatically with the weather. Most of the time, nature around us can be very drab in browns and gray under an overcast sky, waiting for the next season to turn the page. When snow arrives followed by sun, it’s then the entire world is changed into full winter beauty! In this image, overnight snow coated the land and trees of the forest woods in pure white, the work of nature hidden by the darkness. The morning sun arrived with clear blue skies to make it glorious in the contrast!

Writing of contrasts that I enjoy so much in the image, it’s not only in the stark white on sky blue. This has a myriad of dark tree trunks against the white of the forest woods. The threading and meander of bare trunks and limbs are some of the better shapes to experience in winter when shown this way. If you can get out near the woods on a day like this, you’ll be rewarded.

Location: just outside Bedford, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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