Social Circles #14624

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The Story

In this black and white photograph, lily pads on lake water float quietly mixed with the standing and falling water reeds. There’s beauty in the chaotic randomness that nature can create if you look closely.

The round shapes of the lily pads vary in size, each with the characteristic slit to the center much like a Pacman character. The motionless summer lake water wasn’t stirring at all in the daylight heat with the summer sun coming straight down. The occasional dragonfly zipped by and occasionally one stopped to hover and buzz, which was the only motion and sound. Truly, this picture was nearly a still life in the moment it was created.

For another wider view of lily pads on lake water also in black and white, have a look at the landscape called Lake Lilies #15164.

Location: a pond in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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