Some Assembly Required #14585

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The Story

Looks like the old 99-4 is laid up in a salvage boneyard with no parole in sight because those dents and damage are permanent, which means fini. Actually, what appears to be a whole airplane is simply frankensteined together for appearances with the fuselage laid perpendicularly across several other plane bodies, and some engines with props set down in line beside it. There are no wings which have been cut off to transport it here, and not enough room to put four engines up there which leaves one lollygagging on the ground with a bent prop. If you look closely, the fuselage has been split lengthwise with the bottom missing. Here is a good example of owner-initiated impromptu junkyard sculpture…in other words, creative junking! This is a mixed salvage yard with all manner of metal collected in amazing piles, old cars and buses, heavy equipment, a few semi-trucks, and lots of airplane parts, a few helicopters, and random military air surplus mixed in throughout. Much of it is piled and stacked up due to the limited acreage. The sheer density of the place can be surprising. Nearly every inch is in use and occupied by something or other, and although the main roads through are clear, getting into and through the nooks and crannies can be a tight fit while carrying shooting equipment. So, here lie all the pieces that make up old number 99-4 today, ending its days in an airplane graveyard as an artful arrangement in aluminum done not only for salvage sake, but maybe a little fun too. Monthly Newsletter sign up at Dierks Photo on Facebook…

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