Song and Dance #13931

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The Story

Red roses in a blue vase and ballet dance slippers sit outside in nature, but on a mirror. For effect, a weathered piano keyboard and a summer hillside were used for a background. The strong colors look great and work well together. This picture is a nice, happy splash of red, white, and blue to celebrate dance and music in a photograph.

Discovered only by chance, the piano and mirror were found laying in a muddy junk heap at the back corner of a country truck stop. The place isn’t far from home, so several trips were made to try different things with this piano. This picture uses some things brought along with what was simply laying around there. It was an interesting challenge…it’s fun to create something from almost nothing.

Thinking the shot over beforehand, I tried to come up with an unusual way to express the combination of dance and music together yet still include this weathered piano keyboard. The borrowed ballet dance slippers were borrowed from a friend. The blue flower vase came from home. And easily enough, I picked up a few roses on the way to where the abandoned piano laid in its junkpile home. There had to be a little more elegance and beauty added to it.

The old upright piano had been pushed onto its back, letting the weathered keyboard standing up at the sky. After cleaning a few pieces of the broken plate glass mirror, I laid them against it. The picture was taken with the tripod low to the ground and I worked down in the mud and funk to get it. Was it worth it? Heck yes, I like this one.

Since then, the old abandoned piano has weathered away even more and nearly totally torn apart by vandals. The mirror? Smashed into smithereens, probably backed over by a truck. Goes to show you’d better grab an image when you can, allright.

Other versions of this piano you might find interesting are the horizontal view of this scene called More Song And Dance #13932. A black and white of the piano keyboard alone is Discord #13415. The most unusual of all is when I made the piano seem to levitate in Mother Nature’s Greatest Hits #13926.

Location: Munster, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

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