Still Standin’ #14194

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The Story

These are some of the nearly abandoned shop buildings of the East Broad Top Railroad in central Pennsylvania, at Rockhill Furnace beside the larger town of Orbisonia. Being well over 100 years old, there is a fair amount of sag and lean to the sun-bleached buildings and the paint has nearly given up its grip.  Above everything, the EBT shop’s twin smokestacks rise in the background. This shop had its own steam powerplant run from burning coal, which the railroad also hauled. A closer view of those iconic shop smokestacks can be seen in the image Twin Towers Of Rockhill #14108.

These narrow gauge tracks running through the sunny weeds split at the switch and lead through tall doors to the interior. This was where any railroad car bodywork and other things were done inside under roof. Of course, repair work was also done outside, weather permitting. All the steam locomotive work was done in the nearby roundhouse which can be seen in the panorama Stillness In The Roundhouse #14193.

Built in the 1870s, the East Broad Top Railroad is an intact turn of the last century steam railroad. All 37 miles of its narrow gauge track still remain along with all the equipment. Being the railroad’s mechanical heart, these old shop buildings were used to maintain nearly all things for the railroad.

Inside these shop buildings, all the large heavy stationary power tools like lathes and metal cutters remain. They were driven by an overhead shaft and leather belts which was powered by two steam boilers and a steam engine…those two tall smokestacks are evidence of that. I’ve been inside these shop buildings and all the workbenches and hand tools are there too, just as they were left in 1956 when the EBT stopped operations and closed. All in all, the entire place is a step straight back in time.

Today, the EBT is undergoing a restoration and coming back to life for all to enjoy. It will soon return to tourist operations and will be a truly unique place to visit when it fully reopens. If you enjoy old-time railroading, steam railroading, learn more from their website,

Location: East Broad Top Railroad, Orbisonia, Rockhill Furnace, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.


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