Stormbringer #14232

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The Story

I wanted to make an angry ocean picture right at the surf line for an entirely different view of waves coming onto a beach. I was in Virginia Beach in late November when a winter storm began to move in, so the opportunity had come. Covering the camera with a plastic bag with a hole for the lens to stick out, I put the tripod into the sand and shot off a few hundred shots head-on at the oncoming storm front, each one different in character.

All the while, fine needlepoint rain was zinging straight in level to the ground and the white foam would sometimes wash up around the tripod legs and my boots. The waves didn’t get too high, but the wind was certainly enough. The sharp flying rain penetrated everything I had on.

In this picture, I enjoy the green metallic quality of the water in this image and the fine spray whipping off the top of the breaking wave as it turns over. There is plenty of hissing white foam, and the dull background of ugly gray storm clouds keeps moving in closer like a lurking threat. This image shows a world of wetness and beauty that makes one appreciate nature and other things like heat, a roof, and a good cup of hot coffee. I found those things very enjoyable after this session!

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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