Sun Kissed #15242

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The Story

At the crack of dawn on an early fair weather morning, the rising sun and a peach sky reflect mildly on the moving water. This foamy beach wave at daybreak wave advances with a slight hiss, then immediately retreats into the next wave rolling in. Other waves even further out await their turn to surge onto the land, one after the other. Eventually, they will all flatten out on the sand to carry the wonderful sky light from above.

A lip of foam is left at the edge and then trails an interesting patchwork of more seafoam leading backward. The fallback is kissed by the colored light reflected from the heavens in peach and gold. How wonderfully molten it appears, almost like flowing hot metal or lava. In the foreground, shaded beach sand looks dark, almost like the black sand of a volcanic beach.

Standing here at the crack of dawn was nearly a beach zen moment while taking in the entire scope of this special moment. Foaming beach waves at daybreak are beach zen, totally. Not only the color, but the sound of the waves crashing in, the salt air, and the hiss of the surf rushing in and retreating out. There was so much to fill the senses, every one of them. I had to jar myself out of the deep contemplation and get to work capturing this scene with the camera! Yes, my feet got wet but what did it matter?

Location: daybreak in the Outer Banks at Corolla, North Carolina. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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