Sweet Dreams #14162

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The Story

A sailboat glides into Sister Bay for the night after a day’s worth of sailing on Lake Michigan. The waters are quite golden just ahead of dusk with the darkness following not far behind. Looking to the west in this view, it’s easy to say a sunset sky is always best above water and this picture proves the point. Very low on the horizon across Green Bay lies the mainland of Wisconsin seen as a very thin dark strip…I was photographing from the shoreline in Door County which is a peninsula jutting out into Lake Michigan that makes Green Bay.

The low setting sun is hidden behind a thick cloud bank of blue. But above in the clear, the sun has turned the upper sky into a rich orange-gold with some rose tint. That striking sky reflects off the water making it a magical hue probably not often seen.

The sailboat is almost in silhouette as it heads quickly to the marina just out of frame on the left. If you look closely, you can see people on board, especially the man steering the boat at the stern. All sails are spread in full to make the most time with the little light that is left. A small powerboat is about to go behind. Under this sunset sky with day nearly done, all sailors and navigators are heading for home.

For another nice Great Lakes sailboat picture, have a look at Crystal Blue #14474 which was taken on Lake Superior.

Location: overlooking Green Bay from the town of Sister Bay, Door County, Wisconsin. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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