Taking A Break #14526

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The Story

It’s a slow day at the Highway to Hell Hotel parking lot. So, Jake the valet punks himself down on a ‘53 Plymouth coupe fender for a little breather. It’s time to rest his bones, have an Old Fossil brand cigar, and relax in the sun.

There’s no reason for a skeleton to get excited about anything, just chill. He thinks someone ought to sweep up around here, but meh, maybe tomorrow.

After retiring and moving to Afterlife to become a full-time skeleton, Jake decided he needed a little something to do with the endless time ahead of him. Parking cars at the hotel seemed like a good idea but it does get awfully slow when the traffic to Hell falls off around the religious holidays.

Not many skeletons go to Hell these days and some people don’t even believe it exists. At times when there’s a big old-time revival going on somewhere, traffic slows to next to nothing. And most surprising of all, most travelers don’t realize the traffic to Hell only goes one way. Soon that ’53 Plymouth coupe will be gone for good when that guest checks out.

I wonder which skeleton guest drove here in a forklift? A good valet has to be able to drive anything that comes along, even a forklift.

Location: The Highway to Hell Hotel in the town of Afterlife, on the corner of Cemetery Avenue and the Highway to Hell, Route 666.

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