Thanks, Princess! #12855

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The Story

We were near the end of a cold photo session in the snow with this horse and others, a big homely-looking Appaloosa mare named Princess. This horse was never too much to look at, but she was one of the best lesson horses I ever met. Forever and always a good sport, she taught dozens of kids how to ride and took every learner mistake without complaint or attitude.

This little girl was one of the people used in the photo session along with her mother and the pictures were mostly destined for horse magazines and stock use. Then there are times you get something truly golden on the in-between of actual takes, like this image. This little girl who was completely thrilled to be around the horses pulled down the lead line and gave Princess a big kiss on her lowered cheek.

The little girl has red rosy cheeks from the cold to match her pink jacket, which only adds to the overload of cute in this image. I love to photograph spontaneous kid stuff. It was easy to title this picture, which is: Thanks, Princess!

Location: Willow Hill, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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