The Dance #15126

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The Story

Overnight winter snow and a morning trip up a nearby mountain road into higher elevations landed me here to photograph snow covered branches. The morning light was certainly right and glowing. As far as you could see, the tree limbs throughout the winter woods were well-coated in white snow which made a proverbial winter wonderland across the high ridgetops. As far as winter scenery goes, it was certainly a beautiful drive in the cold muffled quiet as I drove with the window down.

In the highest elevations for a few miles, all the trees lining the road were beautifully lit in the morning sunlight. However, this particular pair seemed to be matched together more than the others. Stretching the imagination a little, I was reminded of two dancers in motion and the branches were spinning skirts and arms as they circled. To me at that moment, it seemed there was a frozen interaction between these two trees out of all the thousands in these woods.

It’s not every snowfall that gives these kinds of scenes; sometimes the temperatures rise too quickly. Then the scenic winter woods will melt back into the usual drab brown sea of tree trunks. But most often, the wind kicks up during a snow event and there goes all the scenic snow covered branches!

If this picture delights you, here is another wonderful sight that beautiful morning that was taken looking down the road not far from the two trees dancing together. The winter woods with more snow covered branches can be seen in The Road To You #15123.

Location: the mountains above my hometown of Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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