The Guardian #14916

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The Story

This very scenic roadside group of barn, tree, and outbuildings was very attractive sitting in the scenery of a country landscape. Framed by the pale yellow grass and the blue summer sky above, it was right along the old two-lane road and certainly couldn’t be missed. Of course, the colorful Maryland flag barn quilt set this place off straight away as even more special. I love that little extra splash of strong color in this image. It’s a great decoration and it would seem someone has some civic pride and loves living in Maryland!

Gathered in a tight cluster, the barn and satellite buildings seem to be under the protection of that towering silver maple tree. The overarching guardian and the buildings it watches over were lit by the western sun in the late afternoon. Visually and symbolically, that powerful tree is an anchor for them all. The tree is very old with a thick girth and I wouldn’t be surprised if it predates the buildings. It may even be older than the farming being done here too.

I was in Maryland to shoot as part of an organized barn tour that gives painters and photographers access to several farms and their buildings. When I first saw this setting, it was in the eastern morning light going the other way. No problem, I photographed the other side in both color and infrared. Earmarking this place to return to in late afternoon western light, I went on my way to other barns on the tour. Looping back later, this nice country landscape with the Maryland flag barn quilt was properly lit.

However, simply showing up for the right light didn’t necessarily make it a slam dunk to get this country landscape. The big clouds seen in this image form later on summer afternoons when the land heats up. Chances are pretty good for waiting while a big one clears before any shooting gets done, which is what happened here. There’s just no sense in taking a shot if the light isn’t right, so I spent quite a while sitting in the grass by the tripod. While I waited, a few other photographers came taking shaded shots and then left. They missed what this scenery could truly offer. Having enough patience to wait thirty minutes would have given them this far better view.

This image is a personal favorite from a full day of barn chasing and well worth the wait!

Location: outside Thurmont, Frederick County, Maryland. Picture and story© Andrew Dierks

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