There Goes the Neighborhood #11578

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The Story

Way back in the southern Pennsylvania jingweeds and off the beaten path by the Maryland state line that crosses through the mountain ridges, sat this worn house without a single lick of paint. In the front yard sat a very dated and faded aluminum travel trailer in all its unglossy glory.

With the busted steps and no smoke rising from either chimney or stovepipe, all signs of life were missing. Footprints couldn’t be seen and the stark winter woods in cold snow completed the picture of people long gone and a home left behind. Clearly forgotten, but why and how?

Even on this dismal winter day, here was a chance to create something different with an unusual title. The shot had to be taken, and this was one of the rare times I knew the name of the image before the camera came out of the bag. To this day, this one is still an old and fun favorite.

This place was found by chance on a snowy overcast day on a back road ramble, but I left on purpose pretty soon after a dozen images were made. I went back past there years later to find the trailer gone, which leaves its former partner even more bleakly alone. How can that be? Simply because it always takes two to make a neighborhood…

Location: rural Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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