Three Crosses #15187

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The Story

Victorian architecture is a wonderful thing for the eye, the style is sort of a playful thing with imagination. This old Victorian church built from fieldstone in a long-ago era has a lot of interesting things to view and enjoy, and as they say, they don’t make ’em like they used to. Amen.

The symmetrical shape is well balanced between height and width and the finishing touch on high is the belfry. It’s a nice see-through one with a bell, unlike many others that can be seen. Most unusual is that it is flat and thin, and made of stone to the top.

The roof has a complimenting slant to it which adds to the balance and directs the view up to that belfry. Seen from the side, there is a flower pattern in the shingles that are sometimes seen on Victorian buildings. Later on, I’ll have to rummage the archives to see if there’s a usable shot of that in the archives and post it here.

A great finishing touch here are the red doors and they’ve been that color for as long as I can recall. The church simply wouldn’t look the same without them, no other color would work as well.

Three crosses are showing on this old Victorian church and it’s certainly a beauty with those red doors. Can you find all those crosses? Hint: twice said, once repeated.

I took this picture on the way back from a client’s house; I had just photographed over 40 pieces of his artwork to be made into a book. This image was offered to the client to paint because it stands in his hometown and he enjoys history as I do.

Location: a Methodist church in Bedford, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

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