Three Fallen #14336

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The Story

Fall is the colorful yearly closing of one season and the opening of another, when the world goes into the winter drab of gray and dull brown unless covered in white snow. Spring surely follows and the cycle begins once again. I truly enjoy the change of seasons. They’re a gift.

Some of the most colorful leaves fall from the plentiful sugar maple trees with some being a blaze orange or red. They’re often best when wet as seen here. It’s the squared off and boxy center lobe that identifies the sugar maple. In this hardwood forest, the neighboring oaks the maples live with have dropped their acorns too, with some of the upturned caps filled with water.

Rounded and polished gray river stones line the lake shore and serve as the background in this image. Red leaves on gray granite done naturally, thanks to Mother Nature making her own artful compositions.

Image and text ©Andrew N Dierks

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