Three Fallen #14336

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The Story

In the Fall, some of the most colorful leaves come down from sugar maple trees. Most have turned shades of yellow, but some outliers are blaze orange or deep red. Leaf color is often best when wet as seen here; saturated colors can be much stronger. Interestingly, it’s the squared-off and boxy center lobe that identifies the sugar maple leaf from other maples.

In this hardwood forest, the neighboring oaks nearby have dropped their acorns too. The upturned caps have filled with water. Some say this is where the fairies of the woods come to drink.

Rounded and polished gray river stones line the lakeshore and serve as the background in this image. Here, red leaves on gray granite are done naturally, thanks to Mother Nature making her own artful compositions. She is one of the most gifted artists I’ve ever known.

Fall is the colorful yearly closing of one season and the opening of another colder one. It’s the time when the world slips from strong color into the winter drab of grays and dull browns. That doesn’t change unless covered in white snow. Spring surely follows and the cycle of nature begins once again with the color green. And lots of it.

As always, some will complain about the weather. But I deeply enjoy the change of seasons and their variety is truly a gift.

For more Fall leaves, you might enjoy Haiku #05609 which shows colorful leaves floating on black water.

Try this picture as a digital jigsaw puzzle!

Location: outdoor Pennsylvania. Picture and story ©Andrew N Dierks

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