Thumb Rider #15326

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The Story

Jake McCall’s favorite old Dodge pickup has left him high and literally dry due to the lack of gasoline. Rumor has it he’s had the old truck since his high school days living in The Before, so there’s some strong attachment to the old truck that lacks any practicality. When the old truck sputtered out, he was on his way back from a band gig with The Deadbeats, a favorite local band that plays around the Town of Afterlife and beyond. So, out came the thumb, the gas can, and along came the guitar too!

As a result, here we have a skeleton hitchhiker with his thumb out looking for a ride to the nearest gas station. Thumbing for gas is highly unusual around town because most of the vehicles skeleton spooks drive around run on a 50/50 mix of ectoplasm and imagination. Often on flat tires as well. No one knows how that works; it’s all a peculiar mystery to the mere mortals living in The Before.

Then again, a few skeleton spooks still enjoy their old-school gasoline-powered wrecks that barely get by, like Jake here. Ectoplasm enough to make a spookmobile go is easy enough to find around the Town of Afterlife and maybe Jake will finally give up on the gasoline from here on out. Besides, all that walking can be hard on the feet when you don’t have any shoes.

If you care to see it, here’s a picture of Jake and his old Dodge pickup called Hit The Road, Jake #14570

Location: skeleton hitchhiker near the Town of Afterlifee. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks


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