Tumbleweed #14461

Matted, canvas, & high gloss metal prints available. Questions?



The Story

Here sits a gritty and flaking vintage Ford pickup truck, a mid-century F model parked in the blowing jingweeds. If miles were money and this old relic could talk, you would have a very expensive volume of stories to ride around in. But, living history is nearly a fantasy, so only your imagination is left standing there holding the brush to paint over the holes that history has left you. And it can be entertaining. This vehicle was found in a semi-secret Virginia truck graveyard deep in the back country that contained mostly tractor trailers, but there were numerous Fords of this kind gathered off into one section. It is a private collection and apparently the owner has quite a soft spot for these old F models, the forerunners of the modern Ford F-150’s seen on the road today sixty-five years later.

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