Undercover #14943

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The Story

In a quiet landscape, morning fog masks the mountain behind this small summer lake. Overnight rain has left this scene behind for any photographer out early enough to get it as the new day comes on.

The sun is just starting to come on strong and burn away the overnight layers of mist above the water. Small fog tendrils still try to lift from the calm lake surface, but the nighttime show is nearly over with this morning curtain rise.

Much of the time for an outdoor photographer, it pays to get up early to go take pictures of land or water. The first light of day is good, especially accompanied by something pronounced in the weather. Brand new daylight on new winter snow? That can be wonderful. The crack-of-dawn summer light on a freshly rained-upon world? There’s your good chance for something different in a landscape picture. And of course, so is shooting in fog any time at all.

Have a spot picked out ahead of time and get there early, even before the morning light comes to greet you. Why not your greeting it for a change? Wait for your moment…then capture what Mother Nature has given you. All it takes is patience and perhaps a little coffee.

And now, something completely different in a picture: the same lake in an entirely contrasting way as Deep Fade #14931. Enjoy.

Location: near Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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