Up And Away #14069

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The Story

On a sunny winter day in the snow, skiers ride the ski lift up to the top for another downhill run. The plentiful sunshine covered the entire mountain which was in turn covered with plentiful natural snow at the Blue Knob Resort.

I walked down the slope to photograph looking back up, trying for a different sort of view. That put the ski lift right overhead for a series of good frames.

Originally, I was shooting for a day at a nearby ski resort gathering images for magazine use, but some pictures taken that day could also do well as home or office decor, like this one. It has the essence of a good day on the slopes.

Usually, the clouds alone are what fill the sky in photographs. But on this day, it was also filled with flying humans in puffy suits carrying long sticks.

Location: Blue Knob Resort, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story ©Andrew Dierks


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