Waitin’ For the Bus #14566

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The Story

Out in the parking lot of the Highway to Hell Hotel and Cafe in Afterlife after a filling breakfast, this skeleton spook waits with his bags for the bus heading down Route 666 to Great Divide and The Other Side. He’s looking forward to retirement and his final rest after working himself to the bone all those years in the Haunted House carnival attraction.

Skeleton spooks don’t need too much and travel light, so what could be in those suitcases? There can’t be anything much to wear inside those suitcases when you live as a skeleton, perhaps other than one tie for dress-up occasions.

He has a bowling bag with his ball made of petrified wood. In the other bag, there’s the Boneyard 300 trophy from his big win at the Splintered Pieces Bowling Lanes, an important keepsake. There’s also some dry cat food for feeding any black cat strays that might come along, you never know. There are more Crypto-Nite cigars, a few tins of loose Tomb Dust tobacco, a lighter, and he didn’t forget a few favorite copies of Former Life Magazine and a chili cookbook, bless his missing heart.

Both this snazzy traveler wearing stylish sunglasses and his bird buddy are perched on a rusty 1956 Chevy Nomad station wagon that gave up the ghost a long time ago. It sits with other cars of hotel guests and travelers to The Other Side that fill up the parking lot. Someone should tell hotel management that it sure looks like someone needs to bring a lawnmower and a weedeater through the place.

So what’s a bony body to do while waiting for the bus to show up? This skeleton spook lights up a cigar and works on the tan, of course!

Location: The Highway to Hell Hotel and Cafe parking lot in the Town of Afterlife. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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