Waiting For Rain #14749

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The Story

As an oncoming afternoon summer thunderstorm rolls in, an old red farm building sits waiting in the barnyard. But this one has an unusual downspout to take running rainwater far from the side of the building where it had rotted away the wooden corner, as you can see. But some good gutter engineering by a practical farmer with some ingenuity saved the day and the shed.

As I photographed here, the heat and humidity rose as the sky turned darker into a more foreboding deep blue and black. The sky grumbled and heavy rain could be seen falling in the distance, making it clear there was no doubt about an upcoming change in the weather. I took a few shots of this old red shed in the remaining sunlight as the thunderstorm darkness slid across the land, then headed back up the hill to the barn for some cover. There wasn’t long to wait until the summer thunderstorm went over and dropped heavy rain by the buckets!

And of course, the unusual downspout worked perfectly!

Location: a farm in Frederick County, Maryland. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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