Waylaid in the Weeds #13980

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The Story

What an interesting ghost of the past that came to rest in this patch of high grass of the Minnesota junkyard. Like the old saying if walls could talk, what tales could this old traveler tell? It would be most of a novel all by itself. My best guess would be this is a 1931 Ford and a heavier truck than the average because of dual rear tires. It came here to Oblivion Hollow because of an accident to the back end that twisted the frame. That’s a stainless steel grille surround. The cab is a wooden frame with metal fitted over it, and the wooden floorboards are long gone leaving only grass to see. Fred Flintstone could easily start this thing right up and beat feet right on outta there. It sits up over the hill from the rest of the junkyard, out in the back. Probably more rabbits and deer around than humans most of the time. There won’t be many calls for parts from this old one anymore. This truck has already far outlived its peers, so it is literally out to pasture forevermore.

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