Wet Rocks One #14118

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The Story

Wet river rock in close up with colorful granite and sandstone makes for true natural beauty. In my opinion, it’s remarkable how Mother Nature can paint so well! I also wonder how long it takes to wear off a stone into such smooth roundness that feels good in the hand. If Mother Nature can paint, she clearly has patience too.

As I would exhibit at art shows in Michigan in the summer, these rocks were gathered along Lake Michigan while hiking along the shoreline. I was only taking a pleasant break and enjoying myself, but soon my pockets would bulge from carrying too many rocks. Some people gather shells along the beach, but I like the rocks and stones, and beach glass if it can be found. Eventually, I bought five-gallon buckets to carry all my finds back home. There are still several buckets full here!

The rocks were laid onto black sand to make a random composition and photographed in the studio. Or as I should say, outside the house on the back deck. The day was sunny but not too bright and the sky had a thin layer of clouds that acted as a diffuser. I wet the rocks with a spray bottle and let the water drain away for a minute, leaving them damp with the colors highlighted.

I did shoot them dry too, which gave a nice picture of faint pastel colors. They look good that way, but the colorful wet rocks have the most natural beauty and the most appeal. This is organic art with some real zing!

In walking the Lake Michigan beaches looking for rocks, I encountered a few locals out for a relaxing walk too. They told me finding a ring rock would bring good luck…and there’s one in the upper left corner. I’ve been pretty blessed with luck all my life, but a little more surely won’t hurt!

Location: the studio in Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania.

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